Sunday, 8 February 2009

Album 25. Elvis is Back! - Elvis Presley

A second outing for the King, this time with his third album.

The recording sessions for this album were closely watched by both managment and record company alike, as both feared Elvis may have "lost it" during his military service.

They needn't had worried as Elvis sounds just as good as he did before. Expanding on his rock 'n' roll sound to include elements of doo-wop, gospel, blues and, with his version of "Fever", even a little jazz.

Probably the best album in the Elvis catalogue.

Album 24. Joan Baez - Joan Baez

The 60's then, openning with a bit of folk.

Now I'm sure Ms Baez is very talented but 13 traditional folk numbers presented with acoustic guitar and vocals is hardly an original concept.

I'm not saying this is a bad album or anything, I'm just not sure why some one out there deemed I must hear it.